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The Center for Great Expectations

19 Dellwood Ln Somerset, New Jersey

Phone: 732 -247-7003


Grounded in a spirituality that treasures the dignity of all, The Center for Great Expectations seeks to form a partnership with homeless pregnant women in creating a safe place, a safe presence and a safe path so that they may complete a healthy pregnancy, choose the next right step and follow through on their plan.

Substance abuse, the drug epidemic and the personal trauma which are at their root cause continue to receive significant media attention. And I dare say that if you or I or anyone of our friends had a child, a grandchild or a family member who was suffering from addiction and its associated trauma, we would expend whatever resources we had to provide the help, the support, and the treatment to bring that person home.

But there are people who suffer through this trauma without the help and support of a biological family. They are the young women and their babies of The Center for Great Expectations. And they are our family. For the past 20 years, because of the generous support of our many benefactors, we have been able to provide a home for these women and their children. Without The Center for Great Expectations, their situations might indeed be hopeless. But we are helping them build bright futures.


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