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Seabrook New Jersey Addiction Treatment

PHONE: 856-455-7575

HELP LINE: 800-761-7575

ADDRESS: 133 Polk Lane PO Box 5055 Seabrook, New Jersey 08302-5055 (See website for other locations)

If you’re in need of immediate help, please call 800-761-7575 for a Pre-admission Assessment .

About Seabrook’s NJ Rehab

A labor of love and oasis of healing, Seabrook® has a 43-year legacy of helping clients and families find the courage to recover from alcoholism and substance abuse. Thanks to our multi-disciplined medical approach, 12-Step Principles of Recovery and full continuum of care, men and women from all walks of life experience mind, body and spirit healing.

Addiction is a disease that disrupts every corner of life. When you are admitted to our centers, we welcome you with an inspired, nurturing environment where you’ll learn to arrest the disease process and acquire the guidance needed to adopt a healthier way of life. Addiction cannot be healed, so you must be vigilant every day. As you learn to foster the changes needed for sobriety, you’ll plan for aftercare and receive relapse prevention tools that affirm and support your progress while preparing you for long-term recovery.

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