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Discovery Institute / Programs / Detox

Phone Number 732-946-9444

About Our Detox Program

The detoxification program at Discovery Institute is designed for people who are just starting to come off of the influence of drugs and alcohol. When people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs stop taking their substance of choice, they experience withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable, painful, and can even be fatal in some cases, if detox is not done properly and in a medical environment. At Discovery Institute, we provide a safe medical detox, which ensures that our clients will have the most comfortable detox experience possible. Our detox procedure also ensures that clients’ bodies and brains do not suffer any damage from withdrawal, as we use the most effective medical treatments for alleviating withdrawal symptoms. We assess our clients’ health and medical needs the moment they come through our door to determine any special requirements they may have as they detox from substances. They are under 24/7 medical supervision, and will have access to doctors and therapists at our Discovery Institute detox center in New Jersey. Our staff is trained and experienced in guiding and assisting patients through substance detoxification, and they strive to give all patients the best start on their recovery journey.


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